“After you did all the repair and touch up 2 months ago with a number of minor issues, I had meant to write a thank you note because we were so pleased but I kept remembering when I was out at the pool and forgetting when I was in my office.”
You repaired the rock and mortar that was cracking from the heat of the fire pit and lined it with fire brick, touched up the waterfall where the cleaner hose was catching in a crevasse, replaced a small chip in the spa scupper, and restored the pool cleaner to top notch condition.”
I was out of town when the work was done but Karen and I were both delighted with it. Everything looked great on all the rockwork around the fire pit, even the chip in the spa scupper was repaired.”
We enjoy our pool or fire pit or spa virtually every single night virtually year around when it isn’t raining (not much of an issue lately) and we think it is the nicest outdoor area around and we constantly have compliments on it.”
We have appreciated from the beginning the quality of work from the design, to the actual building process, and especially how well you have stood behind the job and satisfied every request.”
You are welcome to use us as a reference or have prospective customers looked at your work anytime.”

Dave and Karen Warren